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port • man • teau : the blending of two words into a new word or idea

Portmanteau is the collaboration between director Lila Rachel Becker and playwright Eric Marlin.

Our collaboration shifts with each project, with each of us able to slip into different roles. We are drawn to intimate, minimalist forms that lure the audience into unnerving theatrical landscapes. We’re interested in language, power, and complicity. We’re influenced by our experiences living in communities across almost all regions of the United States. Our work is anchored by our shared love of feminist inquiry, class politics, and bad jokes.

Our first full-length project was bad things happen here, a collage play inspired by the Argentinian Dirty War, presented at the University of Iowa and subsequently at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Other works include the short satire Seven Scenes of Writers Writing Writerly, and Alice Birch’s Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. at the University of Iowa. Upcoming projects include and come apart, a blindfolded play about assimilation.